About Us


The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors (The Center) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of individuals with diverse philosophies, backgrounds, and abilities united by a desire and commitment to end sexual violence and intimate partner violence in the Hampton Roads area. 

We provide FREE crisis services to victims of sexual assault (both children and adults), their family members, friends, dating partners, and anyone else seeking services, related to overcoming sexual violence. 

The Center plays an active role in the reduction and elimination of sexual violence in our community by providing ongoing community education and awareness events as well as training and technical assistance to: law enforcement, healthcare providers, social workers, school personnel, and other allied professionals. 

Our Vision


The Center visualizes our world as one free of all types of violence and oppression, made up of safe communities offering compassion for all.  It is our firm belief that it is possible for a future in which mutually empowering relationships are characterized by respect and equality.

The Center bases its services on the change we wish to see in the world.  Our services empower the broader community with a spirit of shared power, acceptance, understanding, and forward movement.

We envision that our services promote not only individual life changes, but social change within the broader community.  The Center carefully cultivates this social movement by providing opportunities for safety, growth, and empowerment through attentive investments.

We are driven by a belief that sexual violence, intimate partner violence and human trafficking are everyone’s issues, and through collaboration and engagement, our belief will be passed on to others.  That communities will take responsibility for the many guises of sexual violence.  The Center works collectively so everyone will benefit from a world without sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking.  Our organization invites people of all walks of life in accomplishing our goals.

Our Mission


  • Empower all people to take steps to improve safety and well-being,       equality, and respect within their communities and for themselves.

  • Create a refuge welcoming survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking, as we believe and validate their experiences, in order for them to comfortably engage with the healing process.

  • Advocate for everyone affected by sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking with a pronounced understanding and respect for their individual needs and rights.

  • Educate and raise awareness in the greater community about sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking by providing information and perspective.

Our Values


  • We believe in the ability for survivors to heal and grow.
  • We believe in empowering the entire community through experiences of equality and respect.
  • We understand and respect that each survivor has a unique experience and story.
  • We support all survivors to locate their own particular power to boost the quality of their lives.
  • We believe the survivors are the experts in their own experience, and that expertise is vital to their individual healing process.

Current Updates

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